Frequently asked questions

How secure is the service?

All the traffic is encrypted. The website has SSL certificate which verifies the secure communication gateway. Your previously uploaded file is deleted straight after the conversion. The translation output will be stored for 14 days to enable further downloads. After 14 days every file will be deleted automatically.

What is the voucher for?

A voucher code registers both your free trials and purchases in the database. This is your unique 10 digit code to identify that you have the right to use the online CAD file conversion service. The main purpose to use vouchers is that makes collaboration easy. Give the voucher code to your collaborators, who also want to use the service.

What shall I do if I lost my voucher code?

In this case please contact us. We can re-send you your unique voucher code.

How much does the CAD translation service cost?

To keep it as simple as possible we offer four kinds of packages: a 5-, 10-, 50-, or a 100-conversion package. The more online CAD conversions you buy, the better discount you get.
  • 5 conversion-package costs €5
  • 10 conversion-package costs €10
  • 50 conversion-package costs €40
  • These packages come with a maximum 1 MB file size limit. You can also extend the upload limit to 100MB.
If you need different quantities from the foregoing ones please contact us.

What happens if my file upload “gets aborted”?

If this happens try to re-upload the file. Not completely uploaded files are not stored and you won’t get charged for that.

How much time does it take to get the translated file?

The service is automated. The software works online. Usually it takes just a couple of minutes. It depends of the complexity of your file and the number of files standing in the queue. Occasionally conversion may take more time, and you have to wait longer.

Can I give my voucher to a colleague to translate his CAD files?

Yes! You can share your voucher with your colleagues. This is one of the purposes of using vouchers.

Do I need to download a software onto my desktop?

No download is needed. The conversion runs on our servers. You get the download link in email. Click on the link and download only the output file.

What shall I do if I need only 3 CAD conversions?

We would like to avoid selling fewer than 5 conversions. According to our experience a 5 conversion-pack is used up fast even at a small company. Still, if you need only 3 more conversions upon the 1 free trial at the moment and you are not sure whether you will use 5 conversions up in the near future contact us. We are flexible. It is important that you have trust in the service before purchasing.

How is the quality of the CAD translation?

Our software is setup by experts to offer the best possible result. We believe we offer the best value for your money. However we can not guarantee the quality of the output file.

What kind of CAD formats can I translate with this conversion software?

Please read the complete list of input and output formats here.