Tips for successful automated conversion

Here come some useful information to achive the best posible output for automated file conversion


Our conversion software uses millimeters and NOT inches.
If you find the the resulting model is really tiny, then you model was probably constructed in inches and not millimeters!

Hidden elements

Hidden elements are hidden! That means they won’t be converted, and you won’t find them in the output file.
Make sure your file doesn’t contain any hidden components. That saves us some confusion.

Complex structures

CAD files with hundreds of subcomponents are more likely to fail at conversion.
It is generaly a good idea to simplify the input file. So that it contains a single or just a few solids.

Output size limitation

Due to performance limitations we won’t be able to convert files that generate >200 MB output. Please review your file before submitting it for conversion. Simpler structure means smaller output.